Important Dates

*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 27th, 2016

Important Dates

June 1st: Last day of Homework Club at last day of Activity Bus
June 2nd: Swift "Hometeam" Trip to Button Bay State Park
June 7th, 8:15-9:00: Courtyard Break and Yearbook Signing
June 7th: 8th Grade Challenge Community Presentations and Luncheon
June 7th @ 6:30 pm: Swift Open House, starting in auditorium with 8th Grade Slide Show
June 8th, 8:15-9:30: Graduation Rehearsal
June 9th, 8:10-10:00: Graduation Rehearsal

June 9th, 10:00-2:00: Swift Students to Sandbar State Park
June 9th, 6:30 pm: 8th Grade Graduation


The Swiftville business came to life Wednesday and Thursday!  Students signed contracts, set up businesses, completed transactions, wrote checks, made deposits and withdrawals at the bank.  They hired and fired friends when business got tough; they overdrafted from time to time and paid fees at the bank.  The made windfalls when the 3rd and 4th graders visited with Swiftles in hand, ready to infuse the economy.  So many lessons to be learned; the Swift students were all engaged, interacting and thinking economically!

Hugo, Dylan, Jacob and Ava at "Combos for U"

Rylee at "GWAR Games"

"The Blend" by Camille, Lily and Isabelle

Dress for Success

Hi, my name is Reilly Wells. For my eight grade challenge I have been studying business, and for my community connection I am collecting donations for Dress For Success Burlington. Dress For Success is an organization that collects donations of slightly used clothes. They accept, winter coats, appropriate suits and blouses, jeans and cardigans, boots and sneakers, and non slip shoes, jewelry, and scrubs. They do not accept clothing that is more than 5 years old, with visible stains, animal hair or rips. Then do not accept sweatsuits, sweatshirts or sweatpants, or socks or undergarments. So please donate to help the cause, the bin will be out near the front office in Williston Central School starting Thursday may 26th. Thanks for your thoughts and donations!

Collecting Sports Balls for King Street Center

Hello my name is Nick Fife and I will have a collection box in the front lobby of WCS for collecting Soccer balls, Basketballs, Footballs and Playground balls for the King Street Center in Burlington, VT. The collection will be happening from the 9th of May to the 23rd May.

8th Graders- Final Checklist

Mentoring BBQ

The WCS mentoring program held its annual family BBQ last week.  Students, parents and mentors had the change to connect in the courtyard while eating great food.

Jen, Taylor, Shelby and Emma

Dynamic Landscapes

Williston Swift House facilitators Amy Skapof and Kevin Hunt had the opportunity of presenting Swift House’s structure and PLP/e-Portfolio process to educators from across the state at the annual VITA-Learns Dynamic Landscapes Conference in Burlington, VT. Participants learned about how Swift has been implementing Personal Learning Plans for over 25 years, while now meeting the critical elements laid out by Act 77.

Mr. Hunt and Ms. Skapof presenting in last week

Chaperones and Volunteers Paperwork (from School Bell)

Chaperones, volunteers, and substitutes who are unsupervised with students (such as overnight field trip chaperones) need to complete paperwork weeks before their expected work with students. If you anticipate participating with an overnight field trip or expect to substitute teach, please contact our Shelburne CSSU office to complete paperwork (383-1234). You will receive a form to take to the police station to be fingerprinted (cost is often $25). You will need two forms of ID. There is additional paperwork to complete at the CSSU office, and another charge of $15, payable to CSSU. Supervised chaperones and volunteers only need to complete the Agency of Human Services Consent for Release of Registry Information form and provide a photo ID for copying. If you have completed the paperwork with in the past 12 months, you do not need to repeat it.

"Choose Your Own Adventure"

Seventh and eighth graders created "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories as their final narratives of the year.  They created a story framework that embedded choices throughout and multiple endings.  They then used electronic platforms, such as Google Slides, Inklewriter, and Twinery, to create an interactive story.  In the modern world, these are called "hypertext narratives."   Please enjoy some examples below (click on links and images, and use "Present" mode on Google Slides):
  • "Sand," My Maggie and Claire 

  • "Juan-Pable Jose-Ramirez-Raul Santiago"... by Baker and Storm

  • "The Quest of the Flowers"-  by Maddie and Melaina

GMDA's first Youth Ultimate Frisbee Summer League! 

The Green Mountain Disc Alliance (GMDA) runs the Ultimate Frisbee Summer League for the Greater Burlington area.  Games take place on our very own Williston Recreation fields on Tuesday nights throughout the summer.  They are now organizing a simultaneous youth league.  Interested youth, ages 14-19, simply sign up and are then assigned to a team for the summer.  This summer league has a exciting combination of competitive spirit with a focus on learning the game.  Eighth graders interested in learning more about Ultimate Frisbee should give this a try!

How: Signups on the GMDA website
Ages: Any area youth between 14-19 years old
Cost: $25 (includes a jersey)
Game days: Tuesdays June 28th through August 2 (6 weeks, 4 teams)
Where: Williston Recreation Fields

Co-ed gender divide will be determined by signups but will at least be 5 boys /2 girls per team, or hopefully 4 boys/3 girls per team.  Any questions feel free to reach out to the GMDA (

Summer Reading Program

Dorothy Alling Youth Librarians presented new book selections and their summer reading program to students in kiva last week.  Students who keep track of their time spent reading can enter raffle tickets for a drawing held at the end of the summer.  This is an excellent way to encourage reading over the summer!   Please click here for further information on the Dorothy Alling Summer Reading Program.

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