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*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

Homework Club

Thanks to the commitment of our interns, Homework Club will continue on Wednesday only this week and on Mondays and Wednesdays through the end of the year.  Students attending Homework Club will have support and supervision, however they should be motivated to get work done.

Changing Perspectives Reflection 

"Now when I look at people with a disability I'm thinking do they need help, and before I was thinking what's wrong with this person but now I see people with disabilities as people who deserve just as much kindness and respect as any other person in the world." ~Swift Student


What is this "Swiftville" event, anyway?  Throughout this week and next, students will be preparing for their roles in Swiftville, our simulation of a micro-economy.  Swiftville culminates with a full day of operations where students work the businesses as visitors arrive to spend their "Swiftles."    Students must manage their stocks, balance their personal and business checkbooks, pay off loans and spend their own money during their time-off.  We presented the choices below and will begin mini-lessons on Monday.

Adam Z with 5,000 bill, 2014

Want to start a business? 

Those that would like to start a business will need to work with Mr. Hunt, Ms. Schroeder & Ms. Laberge. In this group, you will create your business plan. The business plan will contain a description of your business, an itemized list of equipment you will need, and a budget for your business containing the expenses and income you anticipate. You will also need to fill out an application for a business loan. You will need to pay back your loan each hour that Swiftville runs. Your business plan will be sent to the town council for approval on Friday, May 20th. Not all businesses will be approved. The Mayor and Town Council (of which the facilitators are members) will be meeting to discuss and approve or deny each business. Students whose businesses are not approved will need to create a resume and apply for another job.

Eric P runs his movie theater, 2014

Want to work for a business or the Town of Swiftville? 

Those students who would like to work for a business or as a public employee of the town of Swiftville will need to go through a career development class in which you will explore your personal interests and create a professional resume. This resume will be used during the job fair.

Camille, Varsha, Bray and Lily selling sweets, 2014

Want to work for the bank? 

Are you detail oriented? Good with both technology and people? Looking for a busy, rewarding job with consistent paychecks and time off? If so, apply to work in the Swiftville Federated Bank. As a bank teller you will collect deposits, cash checks, collect taxes from businesses, and enter data into the bank data base. Ability to think on your feet and experience with spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheet or Excel) are necessary. Bank tellers will participate in the resume and career development group.


Want to run for Mayor or Town Council? 

If you would like to run for Mayor or the Town Council, you will be part of the resume and career development group. You will need to pick up a petition and get twenty signatures from Swiftville community members by Wednesday, May 18th. You will also need to write a campaign speech. We will meet in kiva on Thursday afternoon, May 19th. Students running for office will give a two minute speech, and Swiftville citizens will vote. The student who receives the most votes will be elected as Mayor, and the four students with the next highest amount of votes will make up the Town Council. The Mayor and Town Council may be asked to meet during lunch/recess to work on the approval process for the business plans and discuss matters of importance to the town.

Knee Hockey Center, open for business, 2014

2016 CVU Fall Musical

To All incoming freshmen who are considering getting involved in the 2016 FALL MUSICAL at CVU, the musical was announced yesterday at CVU.  Auditions for the CVU musical will take place in June. The show will be cast by mid June and rehearsals begin the week before school starts in August, so it’s essential that interested incoming freshmen get the Audition information in time to participate in the June auditions.

There will be audition information posted on the CVU Theatre website regarding the audition process.  To contact Candy Padula, the Co-Curricular Theatre Program Director: email -

Seeking Community Members for 8th Grade Challenge Presentations

Swift House will be holding our annual 8th Grade Challenge presentations on Tuesday, June 7th. The time has not yet been determined, but it will be in the morning, and finish with a celebratory lunch for 8th grade students and panelists. 

We are in need of 16-20 panelists to listen and evaluate the student's presentations. Parents, older siblings, mentors, grandparents and former teachers all make for a wonderful group of panelists. The community volunteers will listen to approximately 5 presentations which will be about 20 minutes each. During this time the panelists will ask questions and provide feedback to each student.

Please consider participating in this exciting event to support our 8th grade students who have worked very hard. If you are available please send an email and I will forward more details as they become available. 

Young Playwrights 

Congratulations to Eric Couture for his 2nd place finish in the Young Playwrights program.  All of the Young Playwright participants attended a celebration at the Flynn on Wednesday.  Eric's play was performed with a "cold reading" on stage, followed by performances of the 1st place plays.  The Young Playwrights program is offered to 7th and 8th graders at WCS each year.


Seventh and eighth graders studied the similarities between mammals by attempting to assemble their skeletons.  Students quickly discovered that using the model for one animal helped them assemble another due to the many structures mammals have in common.

Sorting the bones of a rabbit skeleton

Eric and Beckett try to put it all togehter

How do these bones move?

8th Grade Lunch Accounts

Message from Scott Wagner, WCS Food Service Director:

This 8th grade class is doing very well keeping their lunch account balances in the positive. Only 9 students have negative balances! That is incredible compared to previous years.

 From Friday May 13th. throughout the remainder of the school year there will be NO CHARGING at all for 8th graders. They must have a positive balance or cash to make ANY purchases in the cafeteria.  All negative balances must be paid before school ends.

All positive balances will be transferred automatically to CVU. Any graduating 8th graders that are not going to CVU should let us know ASAP so we can figure out what to do with any positive account balances remaining. We are really going to miss this group. They have been pretty special.

Congratulations to them all!

Thanks, Scott

Google Classroom to Include Parent Notification

From Google:

Coming this fall, 2016: keeping parents and guardians in the loop.  We know parents and guardians are instrumental to student success at school. And to the school leaders and teachers who’ve told us they need an easy way to keep guardians updated with what’s happening in Classroom—we hear you! Later this year, we’ll launch email notifications for guardians so they can stay involved and help to motivate their students.

Guardians will be able to sign-up to receive daily or weekly email digests of their student’s progress, upcoming work and class announcements. Administrators will be able to invite guardians directly and set domain-wide policies for guardian linking and notifications.

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