Important Dates

*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 31st, 2016


​Dear NYC Families!

Swift will be organizing and running the concessions stand for the WCS performance of Shrek as part of our fundraising efforts in support of our NYC trip. We are in need of adult and student volunteers to run the concession table(s) both Friday evening, April 8th and Saturday Matinee and Evening performances on April 9th. In addition, we seek donations of food items, baked goods, and drinks.

Please click here to add your name either as a volunteer or to donate food/drink items. Food and drink items can be delivered to Lisa Barland in Swift, to your student's core teacher, or the front office on April 8th. Again, thank you! Without the support of our dedicated parents and families these trips would not be possible.


 Kevin and Debbie

Swifties in News

Baker Angstman and Blaine Martin were featured in the local news this week for music and soccer, respectively.  Check out the full reports in the videos below.

WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

Thank You and Seeking...

Thank you to all who volunteered their time and energy to the Marko the Magician fundraiser on March 18th. This year, while proceeds were down, we still earned $1402.50 to be put towards our NYC trip in early June. We all greatly appreciate the family involvement, as we could not do this with out your support!

A huge thank you to Sarah Forbes, our Swift FAP representative for all the organization, and follow through in these fundraising efforts. Sarah will be stepping down as our FAP representative this year and we are looking for an interested parent/guardian to take on this opportunity. If you are interested in becoming the FAP representative for Swift, or if you and a fellow parent/guardian would like to share this role please reach out to your student's core teacher.

Sarah would love to meet with interested parties before the end of the year to review responsibilities. This is a great way to be involved in the Swift and greater WCS community.

SBAC Testing

Swift students will complete their annual SBAC testing from Monday, April 25th to Thursday April, 28th.   We will complete two of the computerized, adaptive sessions per day and not hold our regular core classes. This will allow students to focus on being rested for testing with less concern about homework.  We will schedule make-up sessions for anyone who misses a test session; please avoid pulling your son or daughter from school during these four days if possible.

Raffle for Centennial Field Tour

My name is Storm Rushford and as a part of my 8th grade challenge I am holding a raffle to raise money for the Roberto Clemente foundation called Roberto's Kids. The 10 winners will get a tour of Centennial Field where the Vermont Lake Monsters play their games. The tour will be on Friday May 13th at 11:30. 1 ticket is $1 and 7 tickets are $5.
 Tour of Centennial Field on Friday May 13th at 11:30
1 ticket-$1
7 tickets-$5

CVU Musical- Fall 2016 

To All CVU incoming freshmen who are interested in getting involved in the CVUHS theatre program, and next school year’s FALL MUSICAL - you are invited to attend a theatre meeting at CVU on Friday May 13th - from 3:15-4:15 in the CVU theatre.

Candy Padula, CVU’s co-curricular Theatre Program Director, will be announcing the title of next year’s musical, and she will be discussing the audition process for the show. CVU strives to involve incoming freshmen in the musical, and this would be a great opportunity for you to meet Candy and get all of the information you need - first hand.

This year, auditions for the CVU musical will take place in June. The show will be cast by mid June and rehearsals begin the week before school starts in August, so it’s essential that interested incoming freshmen get the Audition information in time to participate in the June auditions.

Incoming freshmen (and parents) are invited to attend this meeting. Understandably you may not be able to make it precisely by 3:15, due to travel time from school. Candy Padula is happy to go over any information you may have missed after the meeting.

For those who can not attend the meeting on May 13th - there will be audition information posted on the CVU Theatre website following the meeting regarding the audition process.

To contact Candy Padula directly: email -

Parent Expectations During a School Emergency (from School Bell)

From the Williston School District Safety Committee

Parents can be instrumental in helping authorities maintain order in an emergency situation by listening to and following directions given by school personnel, police officers and firefighters.  Emergency situations make us feel vulnerable and out of control.  School personnel, police and firefighters will do whatever is necessary to ensure your child is safe and reunited with you as soon as possible.  The following are questions parents frequently ask during an emergency and the answers that will support the efforts of the people working to keep all children safe:

All factual information will come from Unified Command (school, police, fire and other officials) via Blackboard Connect 5*  hourly - even if the message is “no new information,”  or more frequently, if there is new information to report.

All members of the local and state police departments, including dispatch, will be busy dealing with the school emergency. Please refrain from calling the police or other departments working on the emergency so that they can focus on the situation at hand.

Only if you are directed to do so via a message from the school.  Please do not come near the school entrances.  Police officers/school personnel will have the entrances to the schools blocked.  By doing so you could put yourself and others in jeopardy.

Staff will allow your children to call/text you when it is safe.   
We know it is important for you to speak with your child in an emergency situation. However, the sound of a ringing/buzzing phone may draw attention to the location of students who are safely hiding/waiting for emergency personnel.  Everyone using cell service at the same time may overload or crash this communication system.  Please wait for your child to contact you or to be updated with factual information via a Blackboard Connect 5 message hourly - even if the message is “no new information,”  or more frequently if there is new information to report.

If the school is evacuated a Blackboard Connect 5 message will  direct you when to meet your child at a reunification site away from the school and evacuation sites.  Students will be sent to this location as quickly as possible. Please be patient.  The rescue and evacuation may take time but will be done as quickly and safely as possible.  If your child is sent to the hospital this information will be passed on to you.  

Please follow directions and listen to school staff member(s) at the reunification site.  These staff members have the latest factual information to share with you.

Once at the reunification site, do not leave with your child unless police or school personnel give you permission to leave.  We need to make sure we have accounted for all students.  

*Blackboard Connect 5 - A communication system using the internet and /or phone that can send information to all registered participants.

**Reunification Site - A location established, based on the circumstances, away from the schools and evacuation sites.  The site will be manned by school and emergency personnel.


Swift 7th grade math students worked with raw data to create ratios, percents, and fractions for an "infographic" presentation.  Inforgraphics aim to tell a story through a combination of images and numerical information.  See a few results below (be sure to click on the interactive features as well).

Matt Y

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