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*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 15, 2015


Wow!!  Thank you, parents, for the many gestures of appreciation last week.  We so enjoyed the FAP-sponsored breakfast, the amazing Dessert Day, and the cards, cookies and flowers that appeared on our desks. These moments remind us of how lucky we are to work in a supportive community like Williston. Thank you, thank you!

Community Panelists Still Needed...

Please consider being part of our community panels for 8th grade challenge presentations. If your son or daughter is not yet in 8th grade this is a great way to see how the projects come together. If you know of any potential panel members, please e-mail them the letter below. Grandparents, family members, former Swift House students, former Swift House parents are all great potentials.  Thank you for your help!

Dear Swift Friends and Families, 

Swift House will be holding our annual 8th Grade Challenge presentations on Tuesday, June 9th. We are in need of 16-20 adult volunteers to serve as panelists for the students. Parents, mentors, grandparents, former teachers all make for great audience members. These community volunteers will listen to approximately 5 presentations which are about 20 minutes each. During this time the volunteers will ask questions and provide feedback to the students. 

After the presentations each volunteer may join the 8th graders for a celebratory lunch. Please arrive in the Swift Kiva between 8:00-8:15AM, presentations will start at 8:30AM and continue to 11:00AM. Lunch will be served in the Dining Room immediately following the presentations. Please let me know if you would like to participate in this annual Swift House event and support our 8th grade class by e-mailing me at 


 Lisa Barland

Life Studies: Rube Goldberg and Beyond

On Monday we will begin a week-long physics challenge, specifically creating Rube Goldberg Machines. Students will work with small groups to create an overly-complex machine to complete one simple task.  This year the challenge is to drop Mentos into soda.  For a detailed overview of the project components, see the student handout here.  To view successful projects from students in Swift House two years, check out the videos below.

After our Rube Goldberg week students will all be working on Independent Projects, Washington DC Projects and Eighth Grade Challenge Projects during our science and social studies block through the end of the year.

No Homework Club- Tuesday, May 19

Ms. Cammann has another commitment on Tuesday and will be unable to facilitate Homework Club.  Core teachers in are committee meetings that afternoon as well.  If this causes a particular issue for afternoon care for your son or daughter please e-mail his or her core teacher directly-- we're happy to help problem solve!

Burlington International Airport Tour

For my 8th Grade Challenge I chose to study Commercial Flight. As part of the project all the 8th graders are required to do a community connection. For my community connection I wanted to get other students interested in aviation. So I decided to give the opportunity for 10 students from Swift house to go on a tour of the Burlington International Airport and take a tour.

On May 13th we left at noon for the airport for the tour. When we got there we got set up with our badges for security reasons. Throughout the tour we went to many different areas of the airport and learned a lot from each part. Some of the highlights of the tour were going through the security checkpoint and looking at the security machines. We learned about the different security machines and how they work. Another highlight was, we got to walk right onto the terminal and see a plane pull up to its gate.

To finish it off we went up to the old control tower and got a great view of the whole airport. Overall we all learned a lot about how an airport works and the different jobs at an airport and I think everyone had a fun time to.

~Andrew W, Swift House 8th Grader

BTV Airport Tour Crew

It turns out that Al's Fries is on the return flight from BTV...

Narrative Writing

All Swift students just completed a narrative writing project in which they were asked to compose and illustrate a story.  Many worked with partners and all were successful in combing text and images to create engaging final projects.  Please check out one example by click on the image below.  We hope to upload more soon.

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