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*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19, 2015

Happy Holidays

Swift Facilitators Rocking the Ugly Sweaters Today

Holiday Cards

All Swift students were busy creating more holiday cards this week.  Click here to see a website full of their work.  Be sure to click through the multiple pages to see all of the work.

Read 7th and 8th grade poetry as well by clicking on the images below:


Fifth and sixth graders have been learning about adaptations and how advantageous traits are passed on to future generations through the process of natural selection.  As an extra credit question they were asked to create a new creature with unique adaptations to help survive particular pressures.  

Jonas created the amazing exterminator snake which has unique adaptations that allow it to survive pollution...

Independent Projects

We will begin Independent Projects after vacation.  Each student will select a topic to research related to their fall science and social studies classes.  They will create focus questions, find resources, create an outline, take notes, write a report and present a visual over the month of January.  Brainstorm potential topics with your son or daughter over vacation so they have some ideas about what they might want to study when they return!  Eighth graders will continue on with their 8th grade challenge projects.

Swift House Sponsored School Dance- Friday, January 9th!

We will need parent chaperones and food donations for the concessions stand.  We will share a chaperone sign up sheet soon.  Please mark the date now.  We have had great parent turn out in the past which helps make the dance a successful fundraiser and fun evening!

Note from the Polar Express Organizers


Thank you so much for volunteering for the 13th annual VCTF Polar Express and bringing your WCS elves.  They were an enthusiastic bunch – we love the energy! 

We had a fantastic weekend and the event was a huge success.  Thanks to the help of 700 plus volunteers and dozens of corporate sponsors, VCTF raised close to $100,000 at the event, money that will be granted to important children’s programs throughout Vermont in the coming year.

Raising money is just one of the goals of the event.  Another is to bring magic to children and families.  The day after the event, we received a lovely note from a participant, sharing his experience aboard the Polar Express.  Since it illustrates exactly what the event is all about, we asked him if we could share Andrew’s story with you.   It says it all.  Thank you and all your students for being part of the magic.  Please share this story with them.  There are some great pictures on our VCTF Facebook page.

Happy Holidays, 

Linda & Fagan 

“Tonight was one of the most magical nights that either Andrew or I have ever experienced. For months now we have been looking forward to riding on The Polar Express presented by Vermont Children's Trust Foundation. He decided that he wanted to wear his Santa suit and take his Elfie. No objection from me. From the moment that we neared Main Street Landing and heard the train and the booming voice of the conductor, it was a whirlwind of delight. Everyone that saw him pointed to Andrew, shouted “Santa!” and was delighted by him. I watched my son, the son with Autism, work the crowd like he was a rock star running for public office; waving at adults and children, shaking and slapping hands, smiling at people, shaking hands with little kids who really did think he was Santa and being the star of the show in front of the biggest crowd he has ever played for. I followed him all evening taking photos like he was world famous and I was his paparazzi. The energy around him was electrifying and all of the wonderful, amazing people who volunteered at this event could not have been a greater assembly of human beings. For an hour I watched my son do what he is so wonderful at and I will never get sick of seeing him do, making people happy. I know the event was supposed to be for kids--and it was a wonderful event for Andrew and all the other kids who were there tonight--but it wasn’t just the kids who were transported, it was the parents, too. Especially me. Thank you so much Vermont Children's Trust Foundation and Main Street Landing and all of the great volunteers and sponsors for putting on such a wonderful event. And thank you Claudia Pringles for making sure that Andrew and I got to ride The Polar Express this year. It is a memory that will never fade for either one of us.”

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