Important Dates

*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6th, 2014

"Home Team" Activities

While others were in NYC the "Home Team" students were busy studying the Vermont Farm to Table initiative.  They visited Ishams and Adams Farms to learn about Vermont farming.  Freelance food writer, Melissa Pasanen, also led the students in a farm-themed writing exercise in the Isham's barn.  Click here to read the students' farm haikus.  Students also planned and cooked a farm to table breakfast, sharing their research while peers sampled the food.

We look forward to seeing photos and hearing details about NYC, in the meantime, click here for an example of the Farm to Table breakfast presentation. 

Swift Photos

Thanks to Lisa Bisbee there are photos of Swiftville on our photo site now.  The password is flyforever.  We would love photos of NYC.  Send them in on disc or drive and we can upload them!

Sandbar State Park- Wednesday, June 11th

Each each we hold and end-of the year picnic to celebrate our 8th graders.  This year we will head to Sandbar State Park.  We are looking for donations of plates, beverages and side dishes.  Hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided and grilled on-site.  Please sign up here to send in items.  Permission slips will be going home on Monday.

One to World Pilot (In case you missed this in the School Bell)

 by Walter Nardelli

How is a child’s education impacted when in addition to textbooks and other resource materials, each student has access to a computer when they need it at school? This is one of the questions we will be exploring next year when we pilot 1 to 1 technology with Chromebooks in two Houses (Swift & Equinox). Thanks to a decrease in the cost of this technology, we are able to fund the pilot through technology replacement dollars. Communication with parents, research skills, electronic portfolios, new student learning, skill reinforcement, and access to worldwide resources and places are just a few of the areas we will study. The answer to these questions and others will be the basis of future decisions involving technology. Ongo-ing information will be provided during the next school year.

The Last Week of School...

The following is a general list of activities happening this last week of school.   

  • Fun Day- some students are volunteering as helpers and will attend
  • Finish Independent Projects/8th Grade Challenge Projects/NYC Projects

  • 8th Grade Challenge Presentations, 10:00-12:30, Prepare for Open House
  • Open House @ 6:30 pm.  Meet in the auditorium first to see an overview of the 8th Grader's Projects.

  • Swift House Picnic at Sandbar State Park, all day. 
  • Swift House Ceremony for 8th Graders at Sandbar

  • Finishing Portfolios
  • 8th Grader's Last Day
  • 8th Grade Graduation @ 6:30 pm
  • Half day for all students
  • Portfolios go home

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