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*Friday, January 11th: WCS Fundraiser~ Marko the Magician
*Friday, March 8th @ 6:15 pm: Swift Sponsors WCS Dance
*May 30-31: WCS 8th Grade Celebration Trip
*June 3rd-7th: Swift Trip to Washington DC

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 2, 2012

The Theater Festival is Here!

Up until this week students have been rehearsing just 50 minutes a day.  This week we will be in overdrive with tech rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday and dress rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday.  Math, science and social studies are still happening as scheduled for those four days, with Greensheets going home on Thursday.

Our schedule will be very busy on Friday, November 9th:

  • 10:15-11:30 One Acts School Performance, MSND practice in Dining Room (DR)
  • 1:45-2:40 -  Midsummer Night’s Dream- School Performance; One Acts practicing in DR
  • 2:55 Dismissal- All students go home
  • 5:00 pm- A Midsummer Night’s Dream Call (students arrive for make-up and costumes)
  • 5:30 pm- One Acts Call
  • 6:30 pm- Andromeda Pain (One Act Play)
  • 6:40 pm Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • 7:30- Intermission
  • 7:45 - Remaining One Acts

When all plays are finished students will remove Costumes, have a reception in dining room, and complete their strike responsibilities (cleaning dining room, music room, Swift House, bathrooms, etc).  All Students are expected to complete something during strike.  Once your assignment is complete, you will need to go home.

Cast Party Our 2012

Our Theater Festival on November 9th is quickly approaching. We will be celebrating with cast and crew immediately following the strike of the performances. We will need volunteers and donations to run this party successfully.We are asking for food and drink donations by core.
  • Longchamp: Appetizer Items (small paper plates) 
  • Donnelly: Appetizer Items (napkins) 
  • Skapof: Dessert Items
  • Laberge: Drinks (please provide cups) 
In addition, we will need some parent volunteers to set up the dining room prior to the show. Duties include: setting up tables with tablecloths, organizing food and pouring drink items, etc. To sign-up to help please visit the Cast Party Sign Up.


Students should have already brought in their costumes by now, so this is simply a reminder.  If your child is acting in a one act play, he or she should know what they need to bring in, even if it is just a set of their regular clothes.  Check the list here for details.  If your child is acting in A Midsummer Night's Dream, their costume requirements may be found in the attached document.  Every student should bring their costume to school in a bag labeled with their name.

The costumers, props managers, tech director, and tech assistant should wear dark clothing on the night of the play. Students who are acting in one play and helping with lights or sound in another play should bring their costume AND a set of dark clothes in their costume bag. Please feel free to contact your child's director with specific questions--Amanda or Julie for A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Amy or Debbie for the One Acts. Looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday!

One more thing we need is about 15 sets of fairy wings! If anyone has a pair that they could send in, even if it's after Halloween, we would greatly appreciate it!


See last weeks' Flyer for information on how to purchase tickets ahead of time.  Students do not need a ticket.  We will set up seats so they can see their peers perform in the evening.

Washington DC Meeting

If your child is not planning to go on the trip to Washington, DC in June, please delete this email now. For those of you whose children are planning to attend the trip, we will be having an informational parent meeting on Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30pm in Swift House to discuss fundraising, some special tour options in the city as well as the overall schedule for the trip, and a few other items. Please do your best to come!

And just one more reminder, if you have not sent your child's permission slip and/or deposit in, please do so BY THE END OF THIS WEEK! Thanks so much.

Head Lice

Please read the latest note from our school nurse about the status of head lice at WCS here.  Thank you.


Please remember to sign up for a parent teacher conferences using the link to the right.  We ask that students attend these conferences with their completed portfolios.  Thank you!

Red Ribbon Week

Dear Families,

We had an amazing Red Ribbon Week at WCS last week, with 5 theme days, a rainbow of ribbons handed out and a different “fit fact” each day. Please help us keep the message going by completing that attached "Contract for Life" at home with your child. Have your child bring it in by Tuesday, November 6, with their name and house clearly marked, to be entered into a raffle. All contracts will be returned to you in two weeks. 6 Raffled Prizes:

*$25 gift card to Clark Sunoco
*$25 gift card to Shaws
*$20 Rite Aid Gift Card
*(3)$5 gift cards to Passport Video

Why the contract?

Teen brains are not yet fully formed. They are still developing. Researchers say that teen brains have trouble managing complex social situations.

The human brain develops from back to front. The last region of the brain to be completed is the area that handles the important task of decision making, the prefrontal cortex.

In teens, the areas of the brain responsible for assessing risk and weighing the consequences of one’s actions are still “under construction.” That wiring isn’t fully connected until a person reaches his or her early 20’s.

Thanks so much!


Sarah Klionsky, WCS SAP Counselor

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