Important Dates

Tuesday, May 29th- Friday, June 1st: Swift NYC Trip
Wednesday, May 30th: World Language Final Exams
Tuesday, June 12th: 8th Grade Challenge Presentations
Tuesday, June 12th: 6:30 PM- Swift Open House- Required attendance for all students
Thursday, June 14th: Swift Sandbar Picnic
Thursday, June 14th: 6:30 PM- 8th Grade Graduation
Friday June 15th: Last student day of school

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Friday, May 25th

Student Presentations

Please check that you have marked your calendar for the Swift Open House at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, June 12th.  All students will be presenting their NYC, Independent or 8th Grade Challenge Projects.  We will begin the evening in the theater with 8th graders providing an overview of their year-long projects.

We are also still looking for Community Panel members for the extended 8th Grade Challenge Presentations that same day, starting at 10:00 am.  Please e-mail Lisa Barland if you are available or have any great leads we should pursue!

Next Week

When the NYC trip heads out Tuesday morning the Home Team will be in action.  Home team students will embark on a hands-out electricity unit, studying how it is generated, transferred to homes, and how different sources affect the environment in different ways.  We will head to two electricity sources on Thursday, the McNeil Generating Plant and the Essex Hydro Plant, and have a guest speaker from Green Mountain Power, Ken Couture.  Students will create windmill blades in an engineering competition to see who can generate the most power as well.  At the same time, home team students will also continue work on their Independent Projects.  Stay tuned for further updates and photos. 

Coin Drop- Last Day

Our 3/4 teams have raised $239.78 for the Hands of Love Educational Center in Kenya, Africa, so that their students can purchase shoe! Their goal by Friday, May 25th is to raise $800. Please help us out and bring in your loose change next week. Students will be in the front lobby each morning collecting it.


Swiftville took flight last Thursday and Friday, marked by constant action, interactions, transactions and wonderful reactions from our guests.  We had seven classes visit over the course of two days; the Town Council handed each visitor $10,000 Swiftles on the way in to spend as they saw fit.   Students provided constant insights into the "real world" lessons at large, with comments such as:

"I had to leave my previous job because of a hostile work environment."
"Being the owner of the business is stressful!  These other guys just have to work."
"I was so nervous before my job interview."

And many, many more.  Please enjoy some photos and video below and see our Shutterfly site for more (password: flyforever).

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Presentation from CVU Students

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Swift Student Represented at Young Playwrights Festival

Coder Camp for Girls 

Day camp – July 16th – 20th Williston Campus – for girls ages entering 7th – 10th (fall 2018) grades - an experiential hands-on coding camp where girls have a chance to translate their creativity into a computer program of their own design using SCRATCH and other software programs plus visit innovative software development companies and more. The camp will include free lunches each day, a field trip and many activities! Click here for more information.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 4, 2018

Intern Farewell

Friday was the official last day for Ms. Poleman, Ms. Leister and Ms. Bishop.   They have done so much to support and enrich the learning of Swift House students this year.  They will be truly missed, although we will continue seeing them this spring for special events and subbing.  
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Thank You and Remaining Events

Thank you so much to all who chaperoned and donated concessions towards Friday's dance.  All went smoothly.  We will save any leftover concessions for our Sandbar State Park picnic on June 14th. 

And thank you so much for the many delicious healthy snack donations for our SBAC testing week.  It's a special treat to share crackers, cheese, oranges, banana break, etc as a class.  Students did an excellent job of focusing their energy on the tests all week.  We will schedule individual make-up sessions for students as needed. 

In the meantime, we have one last shout-out for volunteers.  If you, a family member, or other community members are interested and available to be part of the 8th Grade Challenge Community Presentation panel, please e-mail Lisa Barland.  Thank you.

Swiftville Begins Monday 

See the slideshow for an overview of the process,


To All current 8th grade students who might be interested in participating in the 2018 FALL MUSICAL at CVU: You are invited to attend a theatre meeting at CVU on Friday May 18th - from 3:15-4:15 in the CVU theatre to find out the title of the 2018 Fall musical. (The title is kept secret until the unveiling at this meeting.)

Auditions for the CVU musical will take place in June. The show will be cast in June and rehearsals begin the week before school starts in August, so it’s essential that interested incoming freshmen get the Audition information in time to participate in the June auditions.

Incoming freshmen (and parents) are invited to attend this meeting. Understandably you may not be able to make it precisely by 3:15, due to travel time from school. Candy Padula, the Co-Curricular Theatre Program Director is happy to go over any information you may have missed after the meeting.

For those who can not attend the meeting in person on May 18th - there will be audition information posted on the CVU Theatre website following the meeting regarding the audition process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact CVU’s Theatre Program Director - Candy Padula at

Some Important Dates to mark on your calendar are:
May 18th - CVU Musical Title announcement meeting 3:15-4:14 in the CVU Theatre
June 14th - Musical Audition Workshops - 1:00-3:30 at CVU
June 16th - Musical Auditions - between 9:00 & 3:00 at CVU
Aug. 20th - Aug. 28th - Theatre Camp at CVU - from approx. 9:30 -2:00 each day - for all those cast in the musical.

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Student Work 

See samples below of investigation write-ups for our human body research.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

Spring Events- Swift and WCS

The spring provides a wide variety of opportunities in Swift and at Williston Central in general. We have attempted to assemble our important dates in one place, with future requests from parents highlighted. We know we ask a lot from you, so hopefully it can help to at least know what's coming up!  The dates graduation and last-day are tentative, awaiting School Board approval.

Tuesday, May 1st-Thursday, May 3rd

Friday, May 4th

Monday, May 7th-Friday, May 18th

  • Swiftville- The Swift microeconomic simulation
  • The simulation will run full-swing on that 17th and 18th.  Students will be in charge of supplying materials as needed for their "businesses."  More details to come!

Wednesday, May 23rd

  • Spring Band and Chorus Concerts, Grades 5-8

Thursday, May 24th-Friday, May 25th

  • 8th Grade Ridin Hi Trip

Tuesday, May 29th- Friday, June 1st

  • Swift NYC Trip

Wednesday, May 30th

  • 8:10-10:30- World Language Final Exams-French and Spanish 8th 

Tuesday, June 12th

  • 10:00 AM- 8th Grade Challenge Presentations to Community Panels
  • Community panelists requested- Email Lisa Barland if interested
  • Parents, grandparents, mentors, community members, alumni, etc all make great panel members!
  • 6:30 PM-  Swift Open House- Required attendance for all students

Thursday, June 14th

  • 10:00 AM- Swift Sandbar Picnic 
  • Chips, beverage and dessert donations, please (details TBD)
  • 6:30 PM- 8th Grade Graduation
  • 7th grade parents will be contacted about helping to plan graduation

Friday June 15th

  • Last student day of school

As always, these dates are embedded in our Swift Google calendar as well. 

SBAC Testing Details

  • Earbuds- Students should bring in earbuds or headphones from home.  We have extras if needed.
  • Activities-Students also needa good book to read or drawing activity for when they finish their test
  • Testing Schedule and Snack sign-up- Click here for the detailed schedule and to sign-up for snack donations.  Kids really appreciate the healthy snacks the mornings of the test!
  • Rest- We of course encourage them to get a good night's sleep.  They shouldn't have other homework from Swift House to worry about!
  • Devices- Students are not allow to have any personal electronic devices on them during the test.  Please help us enforce this by not sending messages to your child during the test window

Student-Led Literature

Our annual student-led literature groups began on Friday. Student leaders prepared lesson plans and assessments for 12 days of literature classes in order to take charge of a ground of their own.  Swift adults essentially audit the class as the kids lead, so we're there for support, if needed.  It is the most awesome thing to see all of these kids working together around books of their choosing!

See the choices and leaders here

Student Work

Seventh and eighth graders have been learning about human rights around the world with Ms. Bishop in the lead.  See one of their projects here:

Instagrams for Social Justice

Fun Night

Thank you for the donations of food, trinkets and your TIME on Saturday night for another successful Fun Night during the Big Basket Raffle.

8th Grade Challenge- Demi

Demi Godbout organized a group of 3rd and 4th graders in a chorus performance last week.  She taught them the music, choregraphed them on stage, and organized her peers to help with sound and lights.  She also performed a solo of her own. Go, Demi!!

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